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Lone Shark - Aviation

Lone Shark


Pyramid Transmissions

Released: 25th June 2007 | 10 track leftfield/idm album
Edward Kelly a.k.a Lone Shark has been making music since his teens. Early influences included Faust and Can, but at the same time the Acid House movement made a deep impression on Ed's work. Whilst studying towards a doctorate in Electronic Music in the late '90s and early '00s, Ed developed his own distinctive style of production, influenced by the likes of Plaid, Autechre and Juan Atkins. Today, as well as producing tracks for PT and performing live around the world, Ed designs his own audio software and works as a lecturer in sound design and film editing at the London College of Communication. Originally written back in 2004, 'Aviation' is an album steeped in soulfulness, with a definite nod of the head to electronic pioneers such as Stasis, Kenny Larkin and Black Dog.