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Moonstarr - Moonstarr Remixes
CD Album
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Moonstarr Remixes


Released: 3rd April 2006 | 12 track album
Moonstarr realized something about making remixes 'Its kinda like cooking up something in the kitchen says Kevin Moon aka Moonstarr 'I chop up breaks and add some bass, smooth it over with some pads and sprinkle some high's over top et voila gourmet beats... Well break out the waffle iron and turn up the amplifier, cause Moonstarr's culinary skills in the studio are on full display, slicing and dicing his way on Public Transit Recordings (PTR) latest CD release Moonstarr Remixes. After dropping his now classic Dupont album in 2002, Moonstarr took a bit of a hiatus from his own production and focussed some energy on his remix work, the result was producing some of the more sought after remixes over the past 3 years. It started with a remix of his own track 'Greed' that blessed dance floors around the world and made Moonstarr a recognizable name amongst the DJ community. Fast forward through the years and people like Jazzanova, Recloose, Ivana Santilli, Rednose Distrikt, Mad Matts and others have called up Moonstarr remixes that have charted from San Francisco to Tokyo, London to Hamburg, and all points in between. Big name DJs like Gilles Peterson, Mr. Scruff, Rainer Truby, and DJ Spinna have mashed out many-a dancefloor with some Moonstarr niceness. Moonstarr was also recognized on the 'Best of 2004' list for Gilles Peterson's Radio 1 Worldwide program. For Moonstarr Remixes, PTR presents a compilation of Moonstarr's finest remixes work that will most definitely get any party started right! Including the aforementioned Greed remix this CD includes remixes for Berlin Nu jazz headz Jazzanova, the great Italian composer Ennio Morricone, and other remixes for the likes of Ivana Santili, Recloose, Povo plus many more beats that will get your hands clapping and heads nodding. The Moonstarr remixes compilation is just a sign of things to come for Moonstarr in 2006. Look out for his new album on PTR in the summer/fall of 2006, plus new beats that will be twisting up dance floors across the globe. So don't skimp out on this meal, and get ready for a healthy dose of breakbeats, with a side of bass, synths and high hats, guaranteed to leave your ear buds satisfied!'