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No UFO's - Mind Controls The Flood
12" Vinyl
Released: TBC

No UFO's

Mind Controls The Flood

Public Information

Released: 23rd June 2014 | 7 track leftfield/idm ep

Vancouver's Konrad Jandav's, purveyor of Kosmische Trash, of noxious electronics, of deep and frazzled future-scapes… he is No UFO's, from Canada with Love.

After landing the much coveted (XXJFG top release of 2010), Soft Coast EP on handsome C30 cassette, No UFO's soon beamed onto Dub Ditch Picnic for another exercise in spangled concrete-collage and dreamy drone-fuzz, late 2010. Mind Controls The Flood is the first waxwork from Jandav's…Public Information are very pleased to have him join our institution.

Seven compositions deep… a bleeding barrage of noise, melodics and colour… We sail from the opening bars… headlong into a hypnotic melting pot of tangled arps, vocal tracks bouncing perpetually off each other, shredding six-strings doing their feedback thing- a hazy, Motorik dream burnt by the 21C cross-Atlantic psych fever. Elsewhere, brand NEU! visions in propulsive guitar music's, elegant Lynchian drifts through pastoral wastelands, freezing No-Wave cocktails mixed with hot MPC drum hits, suffocated dance groove-vignettes in awe to the far off Motor City. More…

A fractured masterwork …travelling to us, serpent-like under the oceanic tundra, Terminal City to Blighty and Beyond….