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Acteurs - Acteurs
12" Vinyl
Released: TBC



Public Information

Released: 23rd June 2014 | 6 track alt dance ep

The spores of TG breaking out all over. An alternative bloodline of electronic music; as if the interbreeding of Chicago and Industrial resulted in sleeper cells entering a long gestation all over the world. Genesis' postal network as the carrier.
(20 Jazz Funk Greats)

And so we splash into 2013 with an almighty throb, pulse-tone generators at the ready. This is Cloud Generating, debut record of malformed electronic-pop and modular fury from Chicago two-piece Acteurs. From the chest-rattling opening kick of title track to the radon hailstorm of dub-techno epic Freezing Fog it's clear that the pair, Jeremy Lemos and Brian Case know their way around a mixing desk. Both have long, immaculate CV's with the cream of the U.S alternative scene, and here they stretch the studio to its limit.

Acteurs: proponents of bass to make systems quiver, drums that punch the gloom, electronics to scythe and screech into darkest night – a psychedelic overload.

Acteurs: purveyors of pop-not-pop…itchy Cluster tones…frazzled Factory keys…LCD oscillations…NEU-motorik thrust…Argabright playgrounds… repetition, repetition, repetition…

Dream an Acteurs dream. Sodium streetlights, grey smoke. Chromium staircases and black-glass buildings. Acid rains. Cyberpunk racers. Dead TV channels. Amped-out brains . Come join their future-primitive world of stark and brutal groove, metallic avant-pop and precise mechanical funk.