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DUBLEX INC. - Eight Ears
CD Album
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Eight Ears

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Released: 14th June 2004 | 14 track album
In four short years, Dublex Inc has amassed an impressive balance sheet: two EP's, two highly successful singles, over 20 remixes, more than 60 licensing deals to the world's top compilations and a major foray into the world of big business, as well as the single Nifty Night and the forthcoming debut album Eight Ears. But let us not forget the day when talent and good fortune collided and Dublex Inc.'s world-wide sensation Tango Forte ended up on the desk of the producer of the Sugababes who overlaid the rhythms and melodies with those irresistibly infectious 'round round' lyrics taking the song to number 1 in the UK. As with the follow-up single Tocame. Dublex Inc. established two fundamental criteria for their debut album: firstly, it had to move beyond the dance-floor context. As a result, Eight Ears is fuelled by constantly shifting swells of tempo and mood which take hold of listeners without dragging them under or flooding their veins with squalls of adrenalin.'