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Erik Sumo - The Real Moustache
12" Vinyl
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Erik Sumo

The Real Moustache

Pulver - our

Released: 18th July 2005 | 4 track ep
'This Is Where It Began': a genre defying and surreal collection of songs that are sure to turn so-called 'dance' music on its head. Strings, harmonicas and infectious hand clapping conspire to mess with your mind, as traditional and future influences provide an unforgettable soundclash, where 'The Real Moustache' owes as much too facially hirsute travellers as it does tough beats for the dance floor. Sumo finds his voice on the title track, a cunning blend of lazy jazz drumming, electric guitars, and a certain cowboy's heartfelt lament. An inspired, dubbed out version of 'Summertime' helps us on our way home for a well earned hot meal.'