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Steven Perri & Zamaun - Brass Floor EP
12" Vinyl
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Steven Perri & Zamaun

Brass Floor EP

Pulver - our

Released: 22nd May 2006 | 4 track ep
Steven Perri & Zamaun are two Italian Stallions ready to hit the floors straight out of Milan. The brand new project has some quite fresh approach onto Dancefloor Jazz, adding deep baselines to the quirky hi-hats going wild all around some mad organ figure. So fast... but still quite sure they never stumble over each other, you can roll along with the rolling drums. The wobbly atmosphere turns into a smoky jazz-club outfit and after the call for it to 'Go!' the track starts out into an irresistible trip into 60s dance, only matched by the very dimmest of Fellini's movies. Stuttgart's Inverse Cinematics is probably the biggest talent in the Pulver box. His style of detroit-jazzin' is quite unique and the fierce baseline he adds to the 'Rolling Drums' is a sure shot. The Flipside offers yet another track done by the upcoming Steven Perri & Zamaun. Brass Floor whistles its way right into your ear and takes you right with it, jumping down the avenue to that Dancing Venue with the brass band and the wooden floor. After the break you will get loose to shake it to some wild percussion orgies. K'bonus at last straightens out that quirky mover into a smoother dance.'