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K'Bonus - Planet Focus LP
12" Vinyl
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Planet Focus LP

Pulver - our

Released: 7th August 2006 | 4 track ep
Almost at its end, the ultra limited 'Touch-and-Feel'-Series gets up to yet another climax, hitting the Bonus-Button with the Planet Focus EP. There's a surprising funkateer coming straight your way, breaking the rhythm right around the 4. Bruno Truyens aka K'bonus is bringing four hits to be onto your decks that will work anywhere, anything and anybody. 'Flibberty Gibbet' is opening up by chattering away, deep into the realms of some old-school funk flavoured with some quite future base and an irresistible drive towards some hip-shaking. 'E-Rotic' is E-Lectrifying E-Clectic ENergy E-Nto any house addicts? butt 4-to-the-floor-wise with a high pitch vocal to drive you right into the place full of bliss. The saxophone does the rest for you to lose your mind on the dancefloor. Turn the new Pulver over and yet another funky break monster is awaiting you: 'Sock Puppets', though instrumented with an ordinary funk set-up, this track is nothing like ordinary at all but showing K'bonus' ability to turn you upside down, even when you think you are chilling. To that chilling you finally get when 'Stretched Out' takes you onto a trip from a quiet beach towards the setting sun.'