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Akasha - The Remixes
12" Vinyl
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The Remixes

RA Records

Released: 14th June 2004 | 4 track funk rock ep
Keeping it local South London's Akasha have let loose some of their neighbours to rework a selection of twisted tracks from their 2nd album 'Love Philtre Magick'. Simon Ratcliffe (Basement Jaxx ) has taken '21st Century boy? and produced a dark slab of techno funk. Unmistakably from the Jaxx stable but with his own remix style coming to the fore, he has even added some prince-like guitar licks in the outro. This is a big tune. Steve Hellier founder member of Death in Vegas and Original Bedroom Rocker, has focused on the psychedelic guitars in 'Love Philtre Magick', the title track of Akasha's album. He has melded them with some old skool beat technology and created a piece of folk hop madness. ' Wicca Woman', has been remixed/rearranged by Jerry Dammers, founder of the Specials and 2 Tone, and writer of songs such as 'Ghost town' and 'Free Nelson Mandela'. Jerry was attracted to the project when he heard Akasha's studio was set up in a thatched mock Tudor house near Slough. The band had expected him to take the track away to remix it and were a bit surprised when Jerry set up in their own studio, saying that 'thatched mock Tudor' was the exact sound he had been looking for! At Jerry's request the title of the track was changed to 'Attack of the Invisible Robots from Planet US'. Jerry explained:: I wanted to try and turn it into a sort of speechless instrumental protest song, which may be appropriate because it seems wrong to even be discussing something as outrageous and unthinkable as blatantly invading another country, especially without U.N. approval. The title could just refer to Starbucks taking over the world, or it could refer to the overwhelming Martian power of modern weaponry (including night vision), where people are atomized in a split second at the push of a button, without even seeing their demise approaching. Should we really have called it a 'war' at all? 'massacre' might have been more appropriate? (Although it could maybe lead to a real war). The politicians are so busy trying to justify themselves, they always forget to mention how sad war is , so I wanted to try and bring out that feeling from the track.''
"?A true South London affair going on here with remixes from Simon Ratcliffe of Basement Jaxx fame. Steve Hellier of Death in Vegas and Original Bedroom Rockers and Jerry Dammers from The Specials and 2Tone all on the remix duties and each turning out a unique piece of music ranging from techno funk to oldskool beat mastery to weird dub. 3.5 / 5.?"
DJ Pathaan, DJ Magazine