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Various Artists - Republicafrobeat Vol 3
CD Album
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Various Artists

Republicafrobeat Vol 3


Released: 15th June 2009 | 13 track pop album
When we at the AfrobeatProject Association edited Republicafrobeat Vol.1 in 2003, whoever would have imagined that we would one day be releasing Vol 3. Over the last six years however, afrobeat has extended its influence throughout the world and is proving to be more alive and kicking than ever. Republicafrobeat Vol 3 continues compiling the interpretations that afrobeat keeps delivering to us today. The vision of this volume is indeed a western one. To a certain degree it may seem a little estranged from the afrobeat patterns of duration and lyrical content that we are used to, being more open to new musical styles such as Kokolo or Vanguardia Sonora, who combine afrobeat with latin rhythms or by the inclusion of the remixes Made in Spain. Republicafrobeat Vol 3 aims to delve into the talents of those artists who are currently getting closer to the style, to declare that afrobeat is alive and to claim that Fela Kuti is still very much both an artist and a protesting contemporary figure. Republicafrobeat Vol 3 is AfrobeatProject Association's latest venture and is being released jointly with Canamo Records.