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Akasha - Love Philtre Magick
CD Album
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Love Philtre Magick

RA Records

Released: 28th April 2003 | 9 track trip-hop album
Put your hands together to welcome back Akasha! The smartest musicians from the original Wall of Sound 1995 bratpack, Akasha appeared on one of the best compilations of the mid-nineties -Give Em Enough Dope Vol 2, as well as giving us their excellent remix of Maracana Madness and of course their 1998 debut album, Cinematique. So where have Damian Hand and Charlie Casey been hiding since? In between remixing Groove Armada's Pre 63 and having their early track, Crazy Baby, rearranged by Anne Dudley of Art of Noise, they've also been rocking out with Lemon Jelly (Damian features on the new album and Charlie plays in the live shows). If you look carefully you will also find a brand new Akasha cut on Hedkandi's latest Acid Lounge L.P. Akasha are currently gearing up for a live tour with an incendiary 8 piece band: watch this space for more details! Review confirmed in April's edition of Q magazine.'
"'Love Philtre Magick' is excellent?..Chums with Lemon Jelly, there are several links between the two bands, not the least of which is their love of spectacular album sleeves??.Akasha are touring shortly with an 8-piece band - a hugely exciting prospect. Do something incredible and discover Akasha."
Martin Kahl, The Fly
"The return of downtempo duo sees their first offering since their debut Cinematique back in 1998. The duo have been busy remixing the likes of Groove Armada and helping out Lemon Jelly, working on the recent albums and playimg live with bands"
Music Week
"INTERVIEW PAGE:11 Damin Hand and Charlie Casey might well have been lying low for the past few years but you'll forgive them when you hear their new album 'Love Philtre Magik', an abum made of nine tracks of rock-inspired wizardy"
Dj Magazine
"Easing you in with the very 'now' twisted electronica sounds of opening tracl '21st Centuary Boy' you could be fooled into thinking 'Love Philtre Magick' is yet another left-of-centre dance album. It's Kris Krissstoffesen meets Brassed Off in a room fullof baging beats. Rock On. ..But lock in to it like Akasha's Damian hand and Charlie Casey have you'll be in for a one hell of a rocked out, jazzed up orchestral ride"
Kate Wildblood, DJ Magazine
"The album segues fluidity from start to finish, veering from the mildly psychotic meanderings of 'Interlude' through to the hairy acid rock of the title track, the defiantly leftfield 'Duke', and the gentlypaganistic plod of 'Wicca Woman'. It all adds up to the potent witch's brew of degenerative pop"
Paul Sullivan, IDJ