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Evergeen & Landlord - Jah Rain

Evergeen & Landlord

Jah Rain

Ranking Records

Released: 5th March 2012 | 2 track dubstep single

Ranking's seventh imprint sees a fresh angle from this now well-established label. With soaring vocals from Leeds-based singer and host, Dan Man, producer Rob Smith has constructed a thumping dub steppas roller designed solely for the purpose of getting your skank on. The dub veteran and current King Midas brings low end devastation to the Evergreen & Landlord original - with his trademark heavyweight bass squelches and militant digi-dub drum loops, this is essential dance floor business! On the flip is the Evergreen & Landlord (aka Planas) original. With a toasty warm bassline and a crisp drum track, this young production duo have made way for a mesmerising and seemingly never ending vocal hook that just keeps on giving. One for both the classic dub lovers and the dubstep soldiers.