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Faib - Ticking Clocks


Ticking Clocks

Ranking Records

Released: 5th March 2012 | 2 track dubstep single

Ranking Recordsâ'¬'¢ tenth imprint sees Russian producer/vocalist Marina â'¬ËFaibâ'¬'¢ burst onto the scene with a 12â'¬Â that is frankly nothing short of astonishing. For a girl born in the 1990â'¬'¢s, Faib shows astounding maturity in her restrained approach to sound and rhythm, employing stuttering drum loops to underlay soundscapes that would put many a Hollywood composer out of work. Ticking Clocks is a spine-tingling example of this: the texture of the track comes from a euphoric choral sample which soars over a deep chasm of sub bass energy, climaxing in the perfect placement of a slithering Arabic reed solo. Whisper of Trees shows the same mastery of atmosphere and musical arrangement - this time the tune is built from blissed out vocal lines, warm synth pads and a pulsating low end. Goosebump business!