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Gentleman's Dub Club - High Grade (The Remixes)

Gentleman's Dub Club

High Grade (The Remixes)

Ranking Records

Released: 26th March 2012 | 7 track dub single
As well as five original songs from the Gents, ‘Open Your Eyes’ also features a range of ‘High Grade’ remixes from some of the hottest bass music artists in the UK. Ruckspin's version rolls out on a stomping 4x4 dubstep vibe. He eloquently draws from the steppas rhythms and offbeat organ skanks of the original and mixes in supercharged bass squelches and jiggy chopped up percussion. Tymer's blazing electro tubthumper presents a carnival of brass and dirty stop out bass synths, which creates a dangerous slice of dance floor ammunition. And if that isn't enough, international dub superstar, Vibronics provides not just one, but three meaty versions for you to get your teeth into, making this the complete package for the bass-hungry dub clubber.