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LayerZ - Things on Top of Each Other
CD Album


Things on Top of Each Other

Raw Tapes Records

Released: 31st March 2017 | 13 track acid jazz album

Psychedelic new jazz trio, pioneers in the Tel-Aviv music scene, mainly by introducing through this band a brand new sound, blending jazz with rock and electronics. Guitarist/pedal master Yonatan Albalak, drummer/producer Aviv Cohen (aka Sol Monk) and bass player Gilad Abro, are all well-known jazz-oriented musicians, constantly performing around the world with various projects. The three create under the name of LayerZ since 2010.

'Things on Top of Each Other' is their second album, written and recorded during a 3 days session in the studio. It feels like a natural progression from Memory Tower - their first album recorded in 2012.

This album has a distinctly more beats-oriented approach. There is a spontaneous and relaxing vibe to it. Even the more intense and angry tunes tend to soften up in the end and dissolve into the creamy-washy space that creates the album atmosphere.

The guests - KerenDun, Nitai Hershkovits and Marina Maximiliian Blumin - added a beautiful and unique musical touch. Each of them with her/his distinct color and attitude, found a way to integrate and contribute in the best possible way, like a 4th band member.