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Buttering Trio - Little Goat
7" Vinyl

Buttering Trio

Little Goat

Raw Tapes Records

Released: 24th March 2017 | 2 track worldbeat single

This release includes Little Goat and Ana Bhebak, two middle-eastern-influenced tracks, which naturally came together for this special release. A take-off for the fusion of the old arab classic music with the new beat making, middle east meets west in this release, from our point of view.

Little Goat was conceived in 2012,

it is our twist for the Pakistani Sampled melody, with a pinch of hebrew goat storytelling.

We made the tune especially for a project we took part in, making live soundtracks for short silent B&W films.

Little Goat was the soundtrack for Ali Baba And The Forty Thieves by Ferdinand Zacca, from 1902.

The repeating phrase in the song came from a Pakistani vinyl.

On top of it we laid the beat which we recorded out of an old Farfisa, at 'Spaceship Studios' near TLV.

The bass, flutes and synths were all recorded lo-fi and outdoors, during the making of a live videoclip for the song.

Additional claps and farm vibes were recorded at 'Kol Hakampus Studios'.

The oud solo was sampled from an old recording, found in our personal recordings database.

Beno the bass player came up with the lyrics which tell of a fierce little goat, who dares, although she is little.

All of these elements are brought together to form this song,

One that is out of the ordinary in our repertoire, taking on a ride thru the middle east.


I'm a little goat

My mother was a goat

But I'm brave and fearless

Although I am little.

Ana Bhebak was selected out of the trio's album 'Threesome' because of its' unique middle eastern colour and intention.

This song was conceived and fully recorded in 2015 during a recorded jam session which took place at Trixx Studios, Berlin.

Influenced by arab scales and atmosphere, it is a meditational song, with little information,

tenor sax and female vocals taking the listener through the desert mountains of the scale,

walking bass line holding it together.

All channels including vocals, synths, drums and claps were recorded live, using top of the notch microphones, mainly Neuman 47'.

Effects were also recorded live, using mainly Space Echo delay.


I love you

My friend