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Buttering Trio - Jam

Buttering Trio


Raw Tapes Records

Released: 18th November 2014 | 11 track jazz rap/hip-hop album

The album was recorded in 3 consecutive days in which we just jammed - hence the name of the album - JAM - and was the initiative of Harake - a project of Kol HaCampus 106fm radio. The general idea was to get into the studio, without any songs in advance, and jam using our equipment and some extra instruments to create a live album. The result is a collection of intuitive tracks all made on the spot, very different from the trio's usual work process - in layers and over time. Thanks to this process, the tracks got a dynamic living character that compliments the electronic format, giving the album its unique colour. The sessions got an unexpected twist due to the November 2012 bombings in Israel/Palestine. Alarms that set off at peak moments got us all into a very specific zone which gave birth to some of the songs - Master Of Rockets, I Cried, What Is Madness are among its' children. A few amazing musicians and good friends joined us in this session - Shuz (3421), Nomok (L.B.T), Roy Chen (Malox)

"It's like butter baby, of course..."
Andrew Jarvis, DJ
"Even people who are not part of the Israeli Indie tribe have fallen in love with Buttering Trio."
Haaretz, PRESS