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Tommy Ridgley - Jam Up / Jam Up Twist
7" Vinyl

Tommy Ridgley

Jam Up / Jam Up Twist

RnB Hits

Released: 21st October 2013 | 2 track classic r&b single

Classic R&B house-rocker from New Orleans born and raised bandleader Tommy Ridgley. He started out as a featured vocalist for various bands, including a four year stint with Dave Bartholomew, with whom he recorded his debut releases for Imperial records. Finally forming his own band, Ridgley cut two discs for Atlantic in 1953, 'Jam Up' being the second. A sure-fire way to get any party going, the uptempo, raucous 'Jam Up' proved to be a popular number in its day, even so much that it was reissued and repackaged with over-dubbed lyrics and an alternate sax solo in 1962 as 'Jam Up Twist', in an effort to cash in on the 'Twist' dance craze of that year. 60 years on, in 2013, 'Jam Up' continues to have much the same effect on the dance floor.