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DnS - Gum (Daz-i-kue Remix)
7" Vinyl
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Gum (Daz-i-kue Remix)

Record Breakin Music

Released: 4th August 2008 | 2 track broken beat single
Dipolomew (Dip-ah-luh-myoo) and Stan Steam (Dip -n- Steam/DNS a.k.a. Do Not Sleep) are a duo who have set out to bring a new level of skill back to the game of MCing. A few years ago, when a group of MC's from the Midwest living in Atlanta found themselves in the same circles & spittin in the same cyphers, they decided to form Galaxy High, who eventually recorded the instant classic Friday Night Sessions album, produced by Illa. Dipolomew (a.k.a. Dip) and Stan Steam (a.k.a. General Hotspit), two veteran's of the mic, decided the chemistry of their voices on wax was undeniable. DNS was born. Long before they ever became a duo, both were respected mc's in their own right. Steam hails from Indianapolis where he gained legendary status as a top-of-the-food-chain battle m.c., eventually expanding his rep as far south as Savannah, GA. Dip spent a childhood split between Hammond, IN and Chicago, IL, fifteen minutes away...and the uniqueness and personality born from that Big City/Small Hood upbringing is evident in his rhymes. With Steam it's evident that the bubbling underground scene in Nap-town helped him hone his skills seriously early on. With their debut project as a duo, Do Not Sleep!! The hitting lyrical flow of tracks such as GUM (Grown Up Music) and there high energy hit Man the Myth, DNS want to announce their arrival to the world. Welcome! HEAVY support from Gilles Peterson (BBC Worldwide), Benji B (BBC Deviations), Garth Trinidad, Carlos Nino, Bugz in the Attic, Karl Injex, Tyler Askew, Eavesdrop Radio, etc.