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Vicelounge - Dear Man


Dear Man

Record Breakin Music

Released: 20th April 2009 | 3 track soul single
Vicelounge refuses the boundaries and constrictions of genres. We make music that befits our moods and feelings. Crafting songs to turn a thought into conversation or welcome a love into new universe. This is why we play and sample and write and think art. and this is what we create... art. I could tell you it is great art inspired by the masters of galaxies, but who am i to make such announcements. We only know it is heart-felt and honest. Plus, what is music but a cultural exchange between maker and listener; a presentation of thoughts and philosophies with a person or group? we offer ourselves in song. You offer yourselves as listeners and enjoyers...even the critics have a place in our hearts. Come. Enjoy the gift of pretty noise. Take. Share. Enjoy. Repeat... The soundtrack for your stylish and dangerous lifestyle.