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Dotmatic - The City Suite
7" Vinyl
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The City Suite

Record Breakin Music

Released: 20th April 2009 | 4 track single
dot.|maTic is the best-known pseudonym of D.J. & music producer Jelani Carter. The only child born to Philly Soul producer Phil Hurtt and jazz/gospel soloist Ann Swain Clark, Matic was introduced to the music business world at a young age. My earliest memory is probably when I was like.. 5 years old.. he recalls. My parents were working on a project at Sigma Sound & I remember my dad making the engineer real mad by letting me run the tape machine. It was funny, cuz I kept messin' up this punch they were trying to do, but they stuck wit me til' I got it right. Matic's mother also kept him involved as well. She was the primary soloist & choir director for the Duke Ellington Orchestra's Sacred Concert series, and would take him on the road whenever she got the chance. Seeing different cultures & being exposed to various types of music would have a profound influence on Matic's creativity, but it wasn't until his high school & college years that he started building a real relationship with music. In 2008, Matic was featured on the heralded Beats & Rhymes producer showcase alongside some of Philly's best & brightest talent in hip-hop. 2009 will unveil the release of the second dot.|maTic instrumental album citY. An EP, tentatively titled The citY Suite will be released on 7 vinyl as well as the album citY released digitally via Record Breakin' Music. Expect BIG THINGS from this hidden gem.