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M64 - Rhythm Of The Drum
7" Vinyl
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Rhythm Of The Drum

Record Breakin Music

Released: 13th July 2009 | 2 track single
On a planet populated with average artists, so-so producers and lackluster vocalists, it is as rare as witnessing a shooting star to stumble upon substantive musicians who are fearless, enigmatic and willing to tread into the nebular to uncover beats and rhymes as vivid and depth-defying as the Milky Way. It wasn't until two years ago that the optimistically spirited artist with a richly toned vocal warble that is part Etta James, part Erykah Badu and part Ragen Fykes (I think I'm Dolly Parton meets Kool Moe Dee, she exudes) decided to take another stab at singing. She started slowly, becoming backup for a local band. It was after a show one night with the band that she met Watts, whom she had admired from afar for his beats. Watts was taken with her performance and invited her to become an integral part of his upcoming solo project, Watts Happening. Shortly after releasing, Watts Happening, Campbell decided to turn his attention to what was, at the time, a still undefined, untitled project with Fykes. It began simply as a three-song EP but as Watts and Fykes worked together, they both quickly realized that not only were they becoming good friends, but that they often had parallel thought patterns for tracks, which made working together feel like a natural process. There is no one better I could work with, says Fykes of her teammate Watts. I truly believe that working with Ohmega is a match made in heaven. He's like my brother and he's not interested in other things besides making music and inspiring people.