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Coultrain - The Wanderer
7" Vinyl
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The Wanderer

Record Breakin Music

Released: 22nd February 2010 | 2 track neo-soul single
Dj Junior's Record Breakin' Music presents... This is the story of 1 filled with questions. these are the effects of the evil twenties & how they change a man 4ever. these are the days of 1 perplexed with the ecstasies & sadness of what life & love offers, the innocence it robs u of, & @ the same time rescues u. this is a conquest inside the many levels of humility & arrogance... many of men have faltered 4 the sake of pride & ego. this is a story of fact & fiction. this is the story of yesterday, 2day & 2morrow… Seymour Liberty is a complicated individual 2 say the least. In his never-ending search 4 the meaning' of things he's found it not as easy as it seems. Falling & growing has never been so exhausting. & tho he feels himself growing, nothing seems 2 ease the sting of falling. Therefore he comes 2 the conclusion that the only way 2 find what he's looking 4, may be 2 just disappear 4 a while from his common existence, thus becoming a wanderer. Hoping 2 discover a new insight on the meaning of life, & his purpose in it. What he finds in his search is that thru studying many religions & philosophies, that they only give a unique insight on their own search, leading him back 2 square 1, with a catch. He can no longer hide under an ignorant umbrella. The questions resurface, with the addition of new knowledge & experiences, & the constant reminders of what was & could've been. A vivid imagination he has, a gift & a curse. He's a poet, an artist, so he records his explorations & the questions surrounding them in that form. In the midst of him walking around in the bottom of himself, he encounters a gypsy caravan. ironically enough, he's invited in their circle, & meets a beautiful lady who'll never reveal her name, but nonetheless laces him with some things 2 remember her by, physical & metaphysical, influencing him on how 2 walk the tight rope, that life may be, in part anyway, a balancing act ….2 be continued… Aaron Michael Frison is the author of this story, Coultrain is the medium, or if u like the voice, interpreting it. It all began with the adventures of Seymour liberty & continues with these 2 pieces and again continues with the great escape, intrigued? * You may also know Coultrain from his appearance on the Platinum Pied Pipers Abundance and the Hawthorne Headhunters project.