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Spinnerty - Just Listen


Just Listen

Record Breakin Music

Released: 24th May 2010 | 4 track underground rap/hip-hop single
Picture this: a Midwestern kid getting shuttled around to soccer practice in the back seat of his parent's car listening to The Beach Boys, Bruce Springsteen and Phil Collins - doesn't bring to mind a future jazz, soul, hip-hop head, now does it? But somehow, in the case of DJ Spinnerty, one musical vision led to the next. Spinnerty found his start playing regularly in jazz bands from middle school through to college. I loved the music, Spinnerty says, but sitting under fluorescent lights and playing tunes from sixty years ago seemed to be missing the point of the jazz movement historically. It didn't have that element of revolution and the smoky club. The natural next steps for Spinnerty were to get into the varieties of current music that were derived from jazz and connect the dots to the originators of this inspired genre. Spinnerty began as a DJ in 1998 and quickly progressed to the art of turntablism, seeing it as a modern day extension of the improvisational techniques of jazz. Since then Spinnerty has been paying his dues grinding with countless dj residencies. He has left his imprint as a favorite selector and turntablist in the MidWest but has also made an impact on The Bay area. RBM is pleased to release the latest production from the talented Spinnerty. Just Listen Pt. 1 (ft. John Robinson) about everyday life of a gifted emcee. Meanwhile Just Listen Pt. 2 (ft. Jacqueline Marie & K15) is a futuristic melodic soul joint to get your ears open! Dissecting and drawing from the more jazzy side of hip-hop productions like Tribe Called Quest, Pete Rock, Sound Providers, and all the late 90's hip-hop jazz, Spinnerty has been able to cultivate his style on the tables, ultimately translating into his very own niche productions. To pigeonhole Spinnerty's production would be impossible. While he delves in and out of rare funk samples, wrapping his creative forces around hip-hop, UK-influenced broken beat/nu jazz, soul and down tempo he crosses into another world few dare to venture. With reviews widely circulated amid underground musical discourse, Spinnerty continues to position himself just under the radar always searching for new sounds and collaborators.