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I, Ced - Another Look @ U

I, Ced

Another Look @ U

Record Breakin Music

Released: 18th October 2010 | 5 track neo-soul ep
You may know I, Ced from his composition and production collaborations with artists like Coultrain and Black Spade. What you may not know is that I, Ced isn't just a beatmaker, he carefully crafts each body of work with inspired sounds, samples and his own live instrumentation. Born and raised in St. Louis, MO. currently based in Los Angeles, I, Ced is poised to take his musical pieces to the next level. Heavily influenced by the sounds of vinyl, piano, strings, James Brown, The Sugarhill Gang and gospel music, I, Ced has a wealth of musical inspiration to tap into at any given time. From an early age Ced was seen by his peers and teachers as a musical tastemaker and someone who was to pave the way for like-minded musical heads. In high school he quickly moved up the ranks from a saxophone and clarinet player in the band to musical director in the school theater. This was only the beginning musical possibility for I, Ced. Naturally Ced's love of music gave him the opportunity to intern and work alongside some amazing projects and at R & B labels like LaFace and Hidden Beach. One thing lead to another and so came the opportunity to link with soulful vocalist Coultrain, long time friend, Blackspade and The Love Meaning 12 was released in 2008 on Ced's own imprint, Move Next Music. Garnering much support and praise from music lovers, the blogosphere and publications worldwide these futuristic funky sounds Ced contributed to and created allowed a space for infinite possibilities. The musical chemistry between Ced and his collaborators is apparent in recordings and video making this next level music super palatable and undeniably drenched in love.