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I, Ced - All In My Mind (feat. Stopha Vasquez, AB, TuLuv & Alex Fajardo)
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I, Ced

All In My Mind (feat. Stopha Vasquez, AB, TuLuv & Alex Fajardo)

Record Breakin Music

Released: 11th July 2011 | 16 track neo-soul album
What people are saying about the album...

I, Ced's All In My Mind is the perfect example of an album where the 'less is more' philosophy is applied to wonderful effect. His songs don't contain a bunch of vocal theatrics or over the top production; just sweet, simple melodies and lyrics that hit you in the heart and stay there. - Phonte (Foreign Exchange | Little Brother)

This whole album is awesome...absolutely no fillers. Will support hard. - Daz-I-Kue

One of the best soul albums I've heard in a loooooong time! I, Ced is fresh! Lovin' It! - Simbad

Ced is one talented vocalist, producer, beatmaker, arranger etc. etc. You can hear all these traits on this new record. CO/SIGN! - Anthony Valadez (89.9 FM KCRW | Dublab | Recordbreakin)

Beautifully crafted soulful hip hop vibez. - Kev Beadle (Solar Radio UK)

I, Ced's debut full length (All In My Mind) on the might Record Breakin' label I assure you it is every bit worth the wait. Check out the cinematic soulful title track and order your copy. - Duane Powell (Soundrotation)

The handsone version of Bernie Mac and very talented producer I, Ced is releasing his debut album on Record Breakin'. I was blessed to meet Ced in LA last year and wish this humble musician all the best with his album release. - Moovmnt

In a climate where EVERYONE seems to overthink what it is to make soul music, Ced totally gets it. It's simple, yet brilliant. Nothing over your head. Dope beats and melodies. I have a renewed respect for my St. Louis bredren. - DJ Cuzzin B