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Columbia Nights - Dawn | Dusk
CD Album
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Columbia Nights

Dawn | Dusk

Record Breakin Music

Released: 14th May 2012 | 7 track motown ep

Comprised of musician/producers Hayling Price and John E Daise, the duo's work is an organic blend of analog and digital elements- a hybrid that looks to the past while taking a giant leap forward. This brief yet expansive introduction to the group combines a love of soul, hip-hop, jazz and electronic music to yield a sound some describe as soultronic.

The pair began regular listening sessions, diving deep into records made by their heroes and unpacking what made them special. As their search continued, they realized something was missing from most contemporary approaches they heard; evolution. In search of for a bold new approach to black music, the pair began pushing boundaries as they incubated their sound. Along the way, a chance encounter with Howard University jazz student Sarai Abdul-Malik added new energy to the process. Finding that Sarai's unique voice and songcraft were a natural fit for their recordings, they invited her to feature extensively on their first release. The result is a cohesive statement that critics, tastemakers and fans are already buzzing about.