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Spinnerty - Gestures



Record Breakin Music

Released: 1st April 2013 | 5 track downtempo ep

RBM followers have long known Spinnerty for his production work behind vocalist like Joy Jones, Miles Bonny, John Robinson and Replife. This time we find Spinnerty collaborating with Chicago-based drummer Farsheed Toosi to create lush jazzy instrumentals that stand alone as full compositions. They mark a giant step forward in Spinnerty's maturity as a producer and jazzer, letting the instrumentation do the talking. While Spinnerty's original versions work well for home-listening, radio, and loungey dj sets - Uptempo remixes by J Boogie, lil' dave, and Mecca:83 provide some excellent choices for the dancefloor. As a special treat for the vinyl-faithful, we have included Drumapella versions available only on the wax itself - original drum breaks courtesy of Spinnerty and Tossi.

"Loving the jam. FSR Radioshow support for sure."
Daz-i-kue, Future Soul Records
"Lush ambient instruments, sounds and drums. Perfect for all occasions."
Michael "Dhundee" Edwards, Sugarcuts
"Major movement from Spinnerty - heavy and healing..."
Erik Schneider, Giant Step