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Extra Medium - Extra Medium (EP)
10" Vinyl
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Extra Medium

Extra Medium (EP)

Record Breakin Music

Released: 5th August 2013 | 4 track neo-soul ep

Buscrates 16-Bit Ensemble and Sam Champ came up together in Pittsburgh, PA, digging through the jazz and soul sections in the legendary Jerry's Records and then running home to sample and chop up their purchases in an effort to impress one another. This friendly competition continued after Sam relocated to Brooklyn in 2001. Buscrates now plays keys for boogie-funk group East Liberty Quarters (ELQ), regularly DJs in Pittsburgh, produced remixes for artists like Marc Mac, and is featured on the latest Bastard Jazz release, Tempo Dreams Volume 1. Sam has held down various DJ residencies in New York City, released a massively popular D'Angelo Live mixtape in conjunction with Okayplayer, and produced an unofficial remix album featuring D'Angelo (again), Erykah Badu, Usher, and others.

Buscrates and Sam formed Extra Medium to debut Rediscovered, a full-length album based on samples from a single jazz record. The tracks were compiled over the course of several years. The duo just recently enlisted some of their favorite vocalists to contribute to the project.

"This project is incredible! Feeds my soul. Just what the game needs right now."
DJ Spinna
"Smoothed out dope! Need this for LA! Need this! Okay there is your quote.. Now can u send me ?? :) Would love to play this tonight on KCRW.. Good stuff man."
Anthony Valadez, KCRW, LA
"Recalling the rugged, soulful production of the Soulquarians, Dilla and D’Angelo, Extra Medium’s new EP is a smooth, head-nodding introduction to this dope, new duo. Sam Champ’s extensive knowledge of music has made him a regular contributor to my mixtapes for a reason, and I especially love the concept here: pulling every sample exclusively from the A and B-sides of a single piece of vinyl! Who does that?! Anyone who still appreciates soulful music and the lost art of crate-digging will enjoy Extra Medium’s debut."
J. Period
"This grooves hard…can't wait to get my copy. This EP is another incredible release from Recordbreakin. Will support to the max."
"Buscrates & Sam Champ are amazing remix producers. This is my type of soulful music. The kind that gets yo neck snap'n & bo'bo's tap'n! This album is setting the bar for the next future wave of soul slingers to come. Long live Record Breakin!!!"
DJ Jamad
"More heavy, heavy heavy music from my favorite label!!! this hits the spot for me!! peace."
Adam Rock, Jazz ReFresh, London, UK
"Smooth biz - looking forward to getting my hands on this one."
Erik Schneider, Giant Step