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Peace Love Unity and Havin Fun

Record Breakin Music

Released: 19th May 2014 | 10 track lyrical single

Fatnice is multi talented to say the least. The avant garde MC, producer, singer, and writer grew up listening to tons of records and tapes from his aunts collections which were comprised primarily of soul and funk gems. A prolific house head, Fatnice became entrenched in the boombap sounds of hiphop via the roar of Melle Melle rhyming The Message in 1982. An avid writer of poetry Fatnice found it addicting being able to combine rhymes with beats to create music.

Born in Chicago and being in love with education, Fatnice traveled to Atlanta, GA, in 1992 in pursuit of higher learning at Clark Atlanta University. During his matriculation Fatnice continued to delve deep into the abyss of music via record collecting, checking out shows at the famous Funk Jazz Café, and battling MC's around the Atlanta University Center. Although Fatnice had been performing since the age of 11, he would get a true taste of the stage upon landing in the City of Philadelphia in the fall of 98.

Fatnice found himself in Philadelphia, once again pursuing higher learning and rocking open mics on the campus of The University of Pennsylvania's' Veranda Room(The Gathering). Shortly after his arrival Fatnice linked with classmate Darin Tolliver (aka Gamez) and became a member of Philly juggernaut Prophets of Ghetto having the honor of opening up for the likes of Public Enemy and Dilated Peoples. Upon graduating from PENN in 2000, Fatnice's decision to stay in Philly led him to a life of recording and traveling internationally with the now defunct Philadelphia based hiphop trio 84. Fatnice has had the humbling experience of working with greats such as DJ Cash Money, Bahamadia, Cee Knowledge of Digable Planets and a host of others.

Presently Fatnice, a true believer in the art of moving the crowd, still performs, records and writes as well as flexing his vocal talents under the alias Mojo Green. Along with his production partner Blaak the 9th Man, the two have created Welcome To Soulville where Fatnice releases material such as his project 'It's Nice To Meet You'

"Soulville is like being on a runaway train with no direction..You don't know what to expect..All you know is that it will be a soulful & funky ride musically.."
DJ Cash Money
"Fat Nice & Blaak The 9th Man are two of Philadelphia's best kept musical secrets. People really have no idea how deep their sonic rabbit hole goes. These guys got more talent in their left pinky finger nails than many of your favorite pop stars have in their entire entourages. Yeah, I said that. Welcome to Soulvillle."
Rich Medina
"Soulville is like a never ending well of knowledge & Fatnice/Blaak are like the men who replenishes the people of the village."