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Deep Black Society

Origins Part 1

Record Breakin Music

Released: 8th June 2018 | 4 track deep house ep

Emerging electronic music collectiveDeep Black Societyfuses the rhythmic traditions of techno, garage and soulful house with found sounds and the profound ancestral memory carried in the djembe on their forthcomingOrigins Part 1EP. Buoyed by comparisons toWaajeed,MoodymannandTheo Parrish, the enigmatic collective readies their brilliant four-track debut. Furious percussion mingles with spacious, mystical soundscapes for the length of the extended play release. The combination elicits a progressive body of work that defies gravity in order to shuttle the listener between planes of existence at a pace that conjures the mighty surge of a soul clap and captures the heartbeat at the core of all living beings. One part mantra and one part charismatic trance,Origins Part 1is a painstakingly crafted clinic in the percussive rudiments that inform the music of the African diaspora, from the brilliant samba schools of Brazil to the warehouse revival halls and low slung trunks that host the abiding 808 thump of Orleanian bounce and Detroit ghetto tech. Deep Black Society's forthcoming debut is an electronic divination that summons a sound spirit to send forth a new, tonally pleasing, and profound musical experience from the luminous future to combat the darkness and subjacent vibrations that plague a fraught and often challenging present.