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Ivo Malec - Triola ou Symphonie pour moi-même

Ivo Malec

Triola ou Symphonie pour moi-même

Recollection GRM

Released: 23rd March 2015 | 2 track electronic album

Triola, 1978 (33'33)
- Turpituda
- Ombra
- Nuda

This piece marked my return to the studio after several years of absence, a return, which for unknown reasons, needed to be part of a rather ambitious project - a strictly personal idea... this is how my mind slowly turned towards the design of a musical narrative meant to stand for a relearning of the trade, the temptation to use purely electronic material so as change it into something other than itself, a wide range of form(s) and, when possible, a work, if not a musical piece.
The title, Triola (triplet), was chosen to emphasise these three movements, each with their own title and which, just like the three equal values of the triplet, sustain a basic unit through interference. This is quite symbolic, as is the alternative title: the Symphony for myself is not only named so because I wanted to offer myself something – which I did - but perhaps and above all, because I had a score to settle (with myself). One could even say that the piece is autobiographical. We could do it but we do not need to: That is not the question. (IM)

Bizarra, 1972 (7'30)
In order to understand this piece, it has always been possible to follow two paths, quite different if not divergent. The first one relies on an imagery whose roots I would gladly trace back to Lautréamont's deserted swamps and emanations and to which I would add boiling lands, wet forests, volcanic landscapes and all kinds of entrails. The other path is that of the realities of a studio where, like a craftsman, the composer manipulates, stretches and releases with his fingers a (magnetic) tape, facing the ears of a (magnetic) head, trying to find the narrow door for the real sound to pass through. The rest - is mere work, stewardship.
How can one bring these two distant paths together? It is indeed necessary, since the second one precedes the first one, whilst the first one transcends the second one. (IM)