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Beatriz Ferreyra - GRM Works
Vinyl LP
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Beatriz Ferreyra

GRM Works

Recollection GRM

Released: 27th April 2015 | 4 track electronic album

Cut by Rashad Becker at Dubplates & Mastering, Berlin, November 2014
Digital Transfer: Jonathan Fitoussi
Translations: Valérie Vivancos
Layout: Stephen O'Malley
Photos: Laszlo Ruszka (1983/87) © Ina, Bernard Perrine (1969)
Coordination GRM: Christian Zanési & François Bonnet

Executive Production: Peter Rehberg

Demeures aquatiques 1967

The flow is constantly facing the ebb. Everything lies here. I wanted to illustrate the perpetual attempt by the solid and the fluid to interpenetrate via this experimental approach through earth, sea and air: overlapping elements folding inwards, bursting as tiny particles toward soft and flat surfaces. The impression of fixity conveyed by the obsessive repetition of a sounding object dissolves and breaks through this dialogue between sound entities of a different nature, eventually shifting into a movement.
This electroacoustic piece, articulated into two clearly distinct parts, draws its sound source from the classical and unorthodox instruments -- metal sheets, glass rods, etc. -- invented by the Baschet brothers. I wanted to show the contrast between the rhythmic repetition of a sounding object, which gives out a feeling of fixity, an electroacoustic flavour and the continuous re-creation of the same sensation through similar yet not identical sounds. (BF)

Un fil invisible (2009)
For Christine Groult

This piece was inspired by the various stages of Medieval Alchemy. The alchemical process is one of transformation, whose actual subject is the alchemist himself. Here, the process is inextricably tangled with the transformation of sounds and the very structure of the piece. (BF)

Médisances (1968/69)

This electroacoustic piece for 4 channels was produced by manipulating such items as orchestral instruments, a mouth bow, breath and some unexpected technical defects. Slander is not meant to be of a descriptive nature and any interpretation of the music along those lines would be a complete misconception.
Honi soit qui mal y pense! (BF)

Les Larmes de l'inconnu (2011)

There are as many Qabalahs as there are Qabalists (Carlo Suares). This is the first part of a work inspired by the Qabalists Carlos Suares (consciousness-energy), Rivka Cremici (charm of the mystic energy) and Shinta Zenke (dazzling Hebrew calligraphy) to whom I dedicate this music. Through its letters-numbers, the Qabalah expresses three different levels of primordial equation of the universe: the level of the archetype, that of the event and the incarnation, and the universal and cosmic level. This whole piece draws its fundamental inspiration from the schemes built by letters and numbers, added to the three levels of understanding of the universe.
I would like to thank the wonderful flutist Hernan Gomez for his kindness and his musicality during the recording. (BF)


The music of Beatriz Ferreyra bears a magnetic force, which generates a truly recognisable style that could be defined as a unique sense and intuition for sound. Whether in her early works (Médisances, Demeures aquatiques) or in the more recent ones featured here, one can easily perceive a freedom-loving musical personality.
A pioneer alongside Pierre Schaeffer, in the 50s and 60s, she worked on the development of the famous Solfège de l'Objet Sonore (Music Theory of the Sounding Object) before freeing herself from the institution to focus on creating a challenging and independent music.

(Christian Zanési & François Bonnet, Paris, 2015)