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Rennie Pilgrem, BLIM & Roxiller

TCR 100 (Sampler Two)

Thursday club recordings

Released: 17th June 2013 | 2 track breaks single

Two proper havin' it tunes for the Festivals. 'Yaffle' is like a tribal breaks version of Daft Punk, all throbbing bass and chugging grooves before a huge French-flavoured riff comes in to join the party. 'Bug' meanwhile, sees acid, breakbeat grooves squelch their way into your brain. This track was performed live by The TCR Allstars at Glasonbury and The Glade Festival. Roxiller for those of you who don't know, were an explosive meeting of minds between Chris Carter and James JHz Cocozza. Both tracks can also be found on Sony Playstaion games.