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Dopamine & Rennie Pilgrem

Rennie Pilgrem Presents Hold You

Thursday club recordings

Released: 17th October 2011 | 3 track dubstep single
This is a re-release of a bona-fide classic track from a few year's back. The original won best SIngle at Breakspoll and is still in demand on dancefloors today. Two remixes: one is 140 Nu Jungle, the much-touted new sound fusing Dup Step, Jungle Breaks and Rave. Pyramid and Rennie Pilgrem do the honours, for this peak-time destroyer. Hammerhead has delivered a fantastic Dub Step mix which is truly 'out-there' and non formulaic. We have been very stingy with this release to stimulate sales but everyone from Dj Icey to Krafty Kuts are raving about this release