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Ruben & Ra - Street Machine EP
12" Vinyl
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Ruben & Ra

Street Machine EP


Released: 31st October 2011 | 4 track ep

Ruben & Ra are back with another release after bringing Spanish boogie don Rayko to their increasingly watched Retrospective fold for 'Retro003', the still unmasked Ruben & Ra emerge once again from the looming shadow of Trellick Tower with another 4-tracker.

Dedicating the A-side to the golden era of stateside electro, 'Street Machine' lifts samples from Break Machine's East Coast anthem 'Street Dance', while 'Moving On' pays homage to the Californian soul of Ollie & Jerry's iconic 'There's No Stoppin Us' from '84.

Over on the flip, the Sun is shining brightly with two poolside jams in the form of 'Do You Need My Love?' and the EP's secret weapon 'Island Living'. As is always the case with a Retrospective EP, there's a 320k FREE download and this time it's the NYC-inspired 'Street Machine'.

Ruben & Ra are becoming hot property with a number of labels already pushing for releases so don't be surprised if you hear more output from these 2 mysterious nu disco dons in the near future. It's fair to say that things are going from strength to strength for this baby and his cat!

"Cheeky....! 9/10"
Tony Nwachukwu, CD-R
"cool party bizniss....cheers! 8/10"
"Loving this these! Fantastic tracks although On The Move is my fav...!"
Fil Lavin
"Really cool release. My favourite Retrospective yet I think..."
Andy Ash
"Nice!!! 10/10"
"Play the original of Island Living often, a hidden gem of mine too! Street Machine has club floor written all over it. Love the mix of italo-haus with NY electro flare. 9/10"
Young Edits
"wow, such a great release.first listen, will def get my support & will play out!"
Cole Medinia
"Yeah this is born out of Daft Punk’s influence, isn’t it? Chopped disco sample, added funk, big 80s sample that’s really bugging me cos I know I should know it. No, hang it! BreakMachine “Street Dance” - big sample. Proper old school breakdance music - look up the video on YouTube, I just did! This is cool. I’m all about re-interpreting stuff that people already might know, and making something new out of it - so in that sense its right up my street. Kind of like eco-recycling, but for beats. To me, that’s what hip-hop means - you take your favourite influences, mix them all together, and them something automatically original-sounding and new should come out of it. It’s the whole philosophy behind my How To Cut and Paste mixes. Look at something like De La Soul’s first album, that’s what they did."
DJ Yoda, Data Transmission: The Bl
"I thought the title of London Disco duo Ruben & Ra’s new track was evocative of something very familiar, and I was right. This new tune is their take on Break Machine’s classic ‘Street Dance’ (a bit of a favourite of mine!). Lifting the call-to-dance vocals and that instantly recognisable whistling lead line Ruben & Ra mix it up with a little Nu-Disco, a ‘90’s house organ bass and create a modern anthem."
Electronic Rumors, http://electronicrumors.c
"Having brought Rayko to their Retrospective fold for Retro003, the anonymous Ruben & Ra emerge from their Kenzal Rize studio with four more slick rubs. In homage to the early days of stateside electro, the NYC-inspired ‘Street Machine’ lifts samples from Break Machine’s big hit ‘Street Dance’, while ‘Moving On’ pays homage to the Californian boogie of Ollie & Jerry’s iconic ‘There’s No Stoppin Us’ from ‘84. Over on the B-side, they deftly drop the tempo back with two loungecore numbers in the form of ‘Do You Need My Love?’ and ‘Island Living’. As usual, the pair are offering a free 320k download which you can grab here. To lift a quote from the chorus of On The Move,”No one does it better”."
The Veal Pen,