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Ruben & Ra - One Night At The Disco
12" Vinyl
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Ruben & Ra

One Night At The Disco


Released: 7th May 2012 | 4 track house ep

After the success of Rayko's Juno chart topping 'People' EP (Retro006), Retrospective label heads Ruben & Ra step back into the breach for the label's 7th release.

For their 4th outing on the label they came to notoriety on, the West London-based duo came up with the concept of selecting their favorite stateside disco cuts from between 1980 and 1985 and reworking them into 4 entirely new tracks.

Already gathering hype, 'When I'm Feelin' borrows from Geraldine Hunt's watershed 1980 classic 'Can't Fake The Feeling', while 'My Love' samples the Malibu-based producer Ned Doheny's 'To Prove My Love' from '81.

Over on the flipside, the soul-injected 'Everybody Loves Good Music' pays homage to the Dayton's Capitol Records-signed 'The Sound Of Music' from '83, with a boogie jam entitled 'All Night' inspired by Inner Life & Jocelyn Brown's 1984 anthem 'Moment Of My Life' completing the package.

As is always the case with a Retrospective EP, there's a 320k FREE download and this time it's the sunshine electro-funk of 'Everybody Loves Good Music'.

"Great reworks here"
DJ Friction
"Love this whole package chaps"
The Cosmonauts
"All 4 reworks are nicely done, but its the rework of Ted Dohney’s “prove My Love” which I’ll be playing, It’s one of my favourite tracks also and has been given a suitably modern interpretation"
Hot Toddy (Crazy P)
"Great stuff. “Everybody Loves Good Music” is a weapon"
Toomy Disco
Cole Medinia
"Super cool EP got Summer written all over it.."
We’re Not Cool, BUGGEDout!
"Yet another amazing release. Can’t go wrong with these bombs"
Rocco Raimundo
"Love this. All tracks are rad. I’m usually not into the disco sample / re-edit biz but I’ll be rockin’ ‘em."
"Love it! Great release 9/10"
Andy Ash
"Yeeeeees sunshine summer vibes & booties dancin on da boooooooogie"