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Stijn - BID (Remixes)
12" Vinyl
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BID (Remixes)

Regalia Records

Released: 30th August 2010 | 3 track leftfield/idm ep
The second installment on Regalia comes from Belgium's funkiest son Stijn. Stijn's a wizard with analogue gear and delivers some of the best one-man-gigs around. We believe his favourite colour might well be purple. When King DJ heard BID, from Stijn's new album Ten Danz, it immediatley had him hanging from the chandeleers in awe and amazement. It was quickly arranged there would be a Martians remix, and an extended club edit was made. Both were demanding a vinyl release and exposure to dj's and club crowds, so it was only logical to license BID for an E.P. release on Regalia. First up, there's the Martians remix. We know Martians, a.k.a. King DJ and Bobby Ewing, from their own RGL001 release of course. They took the original BID, which is short for Back In Detroit, 300 miles west and turned it into some of the finest Chicago house we've heard in a long time. It sounds like a collection of Chicago house anthems, reminiscent of Farley Funk's Love Can't Turn Around, Kraze's The Party, anything by Frankie Knuckles or Larry Heard and the House Master Boyz's House Nation to name but a few. First it establishes a great groove, then the vocals come oozing in, before it turns into some nice deep acidhouse like it was 1988. And then when you think you've heard it all, they only add to the excitement when the piano's roll in. Classic. Next we've got King DJ's extended club edit of the original, which is Detroit techno at its finest. Sounding like a possibly forgotten UR release, this track truly embodies the soul and drive that made dancemusic big in the first place. It's basically electric funk, with a TR-909 kicking hard from start to end, some of the nicest stringpads you'll ever hear, and great vocals that propel the track into peaktime bliss proving there's no need for any hard or annoying sounds to drive a party to the extreme. We believe this track is a true testament to what pioneers like Derrick May, Robert Owens, Carl Craig and specifically Kevin Saunderson / Inner City gave to the world.