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ultrasonic 7 - Like Thunder

ultrasonic 7

Like Thunder

Regalia Records

Released: 25th October 2010 | 3 track electropop ep
While the dust from the Stijn remixes release and King DJ's 'Attack of the Killer Monks' E.P. on Bear Funk haven't settled yet, here's a new cracker on Regalia already. This one sees the return of Ultrasonic 7, King DJ's project with vocalist Tom Derie (remember 'Lips They Move' in 2003). It's another real gem. Tom sounds as if the young Robert Palmer came back from the grave and it's rather safe to assume he's down with pretty much everything Steve Winwood ever did. The original track sounds perfectly like what good 80's electropop would sound like in 2010, cf. to what acts like Chromeo or Calvin Harris are up to. Blame it on Arthur (Baker or Russell, take your pick)... Exclusive to the vinyl release is the extra long nearly 10 minute version containing an italo-ish 'part 2' complete with spacy pads that lifts the track to higher grounds and has crowds roaring out in musical ecstacy. If there ever was a good excuse for buying the extended 12' version, this is it: it just keeps climbing and building up until there's no tomorrow... The remixes perfectly complement this release to make it a package that holds great use and value for almost any set: First there's the mix by Raoul Lambert (a.k.a. Raoul Belmans, known from Swirl People, Aroma, etc...), who seems to have taken off from INXS's 'Need You Tonight' to take this tale deeper and stretch the vibe out into a rather dubby, late night club stomper which will score high on the intensity meter. House music at it's finest, this is. And then there's one of Germany's biggest and most talented rising stars on the electrohouse front Zero Cash (Televison Rocks,...), with his slightly faster and harder version. It remains very stylish and soulful nevertheless, as we're used to from this Cologne based ace producer. Keep watching the skies, as Regalia has plenty more great stuff coming up.