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ultrasonic 7 - Bare Walkin'
CD Album
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ultrasonic 7

Bare Walkin'

Regalia Records

Released: 21st November 2011 | 10 track electropop album
Bare Walkin', the first full-CD on Regalia, comes from Ultrasonic 7. This shouldn't be a big surprise, as they have already had 3 succesful singles here. Ultrasonic 7's made up from producer/dj King DJ (Bearfunk, Gomma, Nang,...) and singer Tom Derie. They have been around for close to 10 years now, with huge succes in their homecountry of Belgium. They took a couple of years off though, but now they're back with a vengeance. Bare Walkin' is a very warm, uplifting, and at times quite poppy disco-electro album that shifts its accent between deephouse, nu-disco and club house in every one of the 10 tracks on here, without ever losing consistency in content nor delivery. This is a sound very 2011, done in a very honest and personal way, with its own specific character to it, but timeless nonetheless. Ultrasonic 7 takes influences from lots of classic club music, and luckily manages to incorporate those elements into its own sound, painting a personal picture using these influences in a quite untangeable way rather than stealing from them. Opener Take Your Time, Work It Out, and b-boy streetbeat-ish Like Thunder (in almost 1o-minute long version here!) are peaktime funky house tracks that'll bring a smile to the face, an ant to the pants, and a butterfly or 2 to the belly. They're very true to the original nature of dancefloororiented music. The Robert Palmer / The System cover You Are In My System, titletrack Bare Walkin, and slightly new-wavy Fallin' Down are slomo shrugging electrofunk, while Set Me Free, Midnight Stalker and Nothing Is The Same take us a lot deeper to late night epics. This album is perfect for late-night driving, dj use, as background music for working or entertaining,..., all at once. It gets better with each listen and will surely remain fresh for a long time It'll surely build up an intimate and intense relation with the repeat button on your player. Keep an eye out for these guys, 'cause there's more to come with a future looking very promising indeed.