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ultrasonic 7 - You Are In My System

ultrasonic 7

You Are In My System

Regalia Records

Released: 26th September 2011 | 4 track nu-disco single
After the succes of both the previous singles, Ultrasonic 7's back on Regalia with a cover of You Are In My System. Originally by The System, but best remembered from the cover by Robert Palmer on which this version was mainly based. U7 delivers a very sexy midtempo interpretation, with a warm analogue sound and a shruggy slomo disco feel that oozes midnight sweat. The first remix comes from Belgian newcomer Katorski, who speeds it up a tad and delivers a full vocal italo mix that takes it to the club a bit more without losing any of the song's original sexyness, and in effect actually adds something quite hypnotic to it, complete with acid drops and all. Next there's a dubbier lofty discomix by some of New York's finest Drrtyhaze, who have been building up a strong rep as producers/remixers with releases on Under The Shade, Redux, Tirk and Nang (album coming soon on the latter). Extremely dancefloorfriendly, this one, reminscent of all kinds of classic stuff that came out of NY. This will sit well in any dj's set and is guaranteed to instantly set the right tone if you're out to generate some genuine heat. Another one of Belgium's upcoming producers, Polydor, delivers the final mix. He takes the track to the main room with a pumpy techno-ish rework.