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Jet Hammer - She Knows E.P.

Jet Hammer

She Knows E.P.

Regalia Records

Released: 24th September 2012 | 5 track nu-disco ep

Jet Hammer is Valencia's Nacho Marco (Loudeast Rec, Om, Pacha,...;) and singer Garen Moreno from LA. They met at a very fancy cocktailparty on Rodeo Drive last year and after two bottles of Dom Perignon they went to a friend´s studio and composed She Knows and The Sound straight away. They sent them to King DJ at Regalia the following day, who didn't have to think long and signed'em immediately.
She Knows is a very laid back electropop jam that takes influence from pioneers like Depeche Mode as well as from more modern stuff like perhaps Hot Chip f.e. Garen's voice is velvetty soft and has a very soothing quality. It's music, Jim. The Sound is even more relaxed and the perfect aftersummer soundtrack. It sort of reminds us of The Style Council's Long Hot Summer, with its TR-808 kickin' away gently and all. Hot.
On remix duty, first we've got Daniele Baldelli & DJ Rocca. Daniele doesn't need an introduction, we presume. This legendary dj invented what many often call the cosmic sound, and was resident dj at the legendary Italian club of the same name. DJ Rocca (Ajello, Erodiscoteque, Crimea X,...;) is not exactly a newcomer either. Check out these guys' full CD Podalirius on Nang if you haven't already, 'cause it's truly a masterpiece, as is this remix, an exquisite italic electrogroove making good use of the great vocals. Very classy, and exactly up to the high standard we would expect from these guys.
Further more, there's labelboss King DJ himself, cutting up the vocals to deliver a moody, warm and organic discomix for The Sound. And then there's the deep and techy classic club house remix by Eddie Torres. We don't know much about him, except that he's supposed to be part of a triplet, hails from East L.A. and has been a very close friend to King DJ for quite some time.
Regalia Recordings is stepping up to the plate with this one, that's safe to say.

"Well done, enjoying the whole EP. 10/10"
The Beat Broker
"Full support"
Drop Out Orchestra, Eskimo
Visti, Strictly Groove Rec.
"Solid EP"
Bonar Bradberry
"Really like it"
Sare Havlicek, Nang
"Great package"
"Pretty cool."
Severino Panzetta, Horse Meat Disco
"Great package"
"Good stuff"
Henry Maldonado, Future Soul, Son of Sound
Raoul Lambert