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King DJ - Love Is Raining Down (feat. Domenicko)

King DJ

Love Is Raining Down (feat. Domenicko)

Regalia Records

Released: 3rd December 2012 | 5 track garage ep

With this 11th release on Regalia, finally labelboss King DJ steps up to the plate with one of his own, after a couple of great disco EP's on Bearfunk and remixes on Nang and Gomma a.o.

Love Is Raining Down features vocalist Domenicko, who in the past worked with the likes of movie soundtrack hotshot Michael Brook, Soft Machine's Robert Wyatt and Technotronic's Jo Bogaert a.m.o. Domenicko sings with a determined, strong and convincing pathos that can't help but to strongly remind us of Yazoo's Alison Moyet, to deliver a track that holds the middle between late 70's disco and late 80's garage house. It echoes the work of pioneers like Joe Smooth and Ten City, but also of Norman Whitfield and D-Train. It's an emulgation of sounds that have moved dancefloors throughout over 40 years of club music. It's very much midnight drama on the dancefloor, intense and engaging.

True to the best of club music traditions, there had to be a dub version included for all purposes. There's also an edited version for airplay etc. Remixes come from MPD (google it to get a clue on true identity...;), delivering a very deep and dynamic acid mix that draws a lot of influence from classic Detroit techno, that in its final part explodes into peaktime rated R pianohouse, tested and approved. Also on remix duty is Belgian fresh cat Wilbur., formerly known as Greedy from Belgian electropop oufit Shindu (Kitsune,..) and dj-duo Static & Greedy. He turns it into another deep and slightly techy sensation with its entrancing continuity.

"MPD's Monsoon Mix for me."
Michele Tessadri, The Heels of Love
"Great disco vibes! Full support."
DJ Rocca, Ajello, Crimea X
"Loving it!!! Full support."
Nacho Marco
"Love the Wilbur Remix - Vocal and Dub version. One of my fav tunes this autumn so far."
Nic Probst, Pharao Black Magic
"Loving dub mix!"
Saulty, Downtown Party Network
"Great package-will enjoy playing the Wilbur mix tomorrow in Russia !"
Paulie, Cosmonauts
"Nice one! Will play MPD's Monsoon mix the most, I think. Aciiieeed!"
Raoul Lambert / Belmans, Swirl People
"All about dub mix for me here. Beautiful."
Leri Ahel, Mutant Disco
"Liking the monsoon mix. But the original is also good."
Graeme Cordiner, Lusty Zanzibar
"dope remix by Wilbur! amazing voice by Domenicko! full support by Stellar Disco Oslo Norway"
Havard Kvangarsnes, DJ Hwah