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Katorski - Big Daddy Discostud


Big Daddy Discostud

Regalia Records

Released: 20th January 2014 | 5 track deep house ep

Katorski made some funky shit. His remix for Ultrasonic 7's You Are In My System is still very much en vogue, and it was high time to give this E.P. of funky shit on Regalia the green light, after a long time spent in the pipeline of funky shit. He's an Antwerp don, making funky shit all the time. An expert in (finding) vintage analogue gear, and a very talented musician. He plays some mean drums (in Sweet Coffee a.o.), and has been releasing funky shit on We Play House, Lany, Candy and even Defected. His funky shit is deep and sweet, sexy and swingful. First up, there's Big Daddy. Classic deep night music, club house music as it was meant. Funky shit. Then there's Discostud, which was originally an instrumental until the complete Regalia board of executives unanimously decided to do something about that in a spur of spontaneity. The song title directed the vocals, and turned this track into a punkfunk burst of midnight egotripping, a raw energetic statement of intent that one would usually probably immediately associate with early 80's NYC. Some real funky shit wot. DFA records an influence, you might say? You might well be right, who'll say. Gang of Four not very far away either for another guess...; Or how about some Talking Heads, maybe Jon Spencer on platform boots? We asked our longtime bloodbro Le Chef Tournel on remix duty, long overdue perhaps. He opened up his box of funk to great succes. Check it out. It's funky shit. It works. Well.

"Love this EP, will play for sure."
P A U L I E, Cosmonauts
"Big Daddy for me"
Leri Ahel, Mutant Disco - Croatia
"Love it!"
Andy Meecham, Emperor Machine, Chicken Lips
"Great stuff for the dancefloor"
Sare Havlicek, Nang, SLO
"Pretty funky"
Severino, Horse Meat Disco
"Big Daddy for me"
DJ Rocca, IT
"Funky shit, will play"
DJ Mari0 Aparicio, NO