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Etherealites - El Toro


El Toro

Roots Garden Records

Released: 1st December 2007 | 2 track dub single
East lodon based sound system selector and producer Etherealites (Ian Willingham) steps up the pace with this heavyweight Ska themed anthem. Reviving Rolland Alphonso's early 70s classic El Toro as the inspiration behind the track. whilst maintaining refferences to the original, the track becomes a hybrid from two different eras with it's deep fururistic vibes and bouncing Ska licks. New age style drum and bass drive the rhythm section Ian capturing the vintage horn and guitar riffs in his echo chamber. complete with dubwize version. Released in dec 2007 on 7inch vinyl proving popular not only with reggae sound systems and selectors but also DJ's and radio staions from right across the board. Air play includes: David Rodigan Kiss fm, Rob da Bank radio 1, Mark lamarre radio 2 amongst others..