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Dark Angel, Kenny Knots, Bob Skeng & Manasseh

The People Rhythm

Roots Garden Records

Released: 5th October 2009 | 4 track reggae single
The People Rhythm Produced and mixed by Nick Manasseh featuring Dark Angel, Kenny Knots and Bob Skeng Press and release information Roots Garden records is proud to present two brand new Reggae 7inch singles featuring 3 vocalists complete with Dubwise version. RGR:009 A - Dark Angel - People Come To West London's Dark Angel is a talented and versatile roots, dancehall and R & B singer. His first appearance on the label came in in 2008 Roots Garden Showcase part 1 with the anthemic Free da Minds. Dark Angel sounds more than at home on the rhythm track. Its vintage digital dancehall drums, rootsy and futuristic vibes create the perfect backdrop for his sinister tones and militant delivery. Once again undeterred, like a man on a mission , he wastes no time articulating his views. His singjay vocal style gives way to full blown chanting as he casts some spiritual fire on the wicked warning his people of the corruption and trappings of the Babylon system. false prophets and messiahs out there, directing the people fe go here and there, inna a the valley of corruption so nuff disappear, the garments of violence so nuff want fe wear.. intimidate my people now them instil fear, divide and rule them intention it clear, you no see what a-gwaan down in the Western hemisphere….. RGR:010 A - Kenny Knots - Unbreakable Kenny Knots exploded onto the UK reggae and dancehall scene in 1986 with the massive hit Watch How The People Them Dancing . Barely out of school Kenny perfected his singing style with the legendary North London sound system Unity sounds his youthful and nasal vocal tones soon drew comparisons with Jamaican dancehall luminaries such as Nitty Gritty and Tenor Saw. The above mentioned track went on to be a landmark release for Unity Sounds topping the reggae charts for most of that year and bridging the gap between the emerging computerised Jamaican and UK sound. As dancehall headed into the 90's and further away from it's reggae roots Kenny looked towards the new wave of UK and European roots and dub producers to voice his songs. Recording countless hit tunes for the likes of Disciples, Jah warrior, Conscious sounds, Dubateers and many more. Kenny continues to be a mainstay on the international reggae scene tirelessly recording, performing live shows and tearing up sound system sessions where ever he goes. Roots Garden's first release from Kenny Knots bares some serious fruits with this spiritually inspired vocal outing. He gets straight to work affirming his faith in the Almighty and laying down his Rastaman credentials. As the song gathers pace Kenny moves into new territory as he chants verses in militant singjay style! from a yout man so it must be ages, still I live my life in stages… Kenny I still growing, flowing, lyric them glowing….through the love of Jah me said the lyric them showing…bow to Babylon? no I'm not going…. RGR:010 B - Bob Skeng - Tek Caution Roots Garden's second release from the enigmatic London based singer Bob Skeng. Arguably not the most prolific recording artist, 2008's The Lion (Roots Garden showcase part 1) put Bob's name firmly back in the limelight. His unique earthy vocal style, poetic delivery and profound lyrics gaining him veteran rootsman status amongst reggae connoisseurs. Bob sings a cautionary tale aimed straight to the producer head. His heartfelt lyrics personify reggae's age old theme of artist exploitation at the hands of greedy money men. caution caution give me proper money for me big tune….you got to take caution caution give me proper money cus a boom tune… RGR:009 B - Manasseh - The People Rhythm Nick Manasseh is widely regarded as one of the UK's pioneering reggae and Dub producers his productions always carrying a distinct mark of quality, Originality and sophistication. The People Rhythm is no exception. With clear references to the early days of the digi-Dancehall sound, its punching 80's Casio drum sounds and keyboard skanks provide the back drop for more contemporary, futuristic and organic sounds. Nick keeps a fine balance between instrumental and dubwise version in the mix as he allows each element of the rhythm room to shine through. With plenty of space left for singers and MC's to jump on board The People Rhythm looks set to get dancehalls jumping and roots man sessions nodding!