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Josie Wales & Richie Phoe

Roll Like Lion

Roots Garden Records

Released: 2nd December 2013 | 2 track reggae single

Roots Garden's first release from Brighton based producer Richie Phoe featuring the Legendary Dancehall Deejay Josie Wales.

Richie's heavyweight & upfull rub-a-dub styled rhythm track is the perfect backdrop for Josie to get to work on. flinging down some humorous reality themed lyrics he wastes no time getting to the point as rough and tough as any man can be there's a woman out there to cool you so don't let your ego fool you....

Josie's sophisticated style and delivery expose his credentials as one of Jamaica's most accomplished microphone chatters, his skilfully crafted lyrics designed to get any sound system session jumping.

Richie strips back the rhythm further on the flipside in true rub-a-dub fashion. Unleashing crashing reverbs on the drums and keyboard skanks whilst capturing Josie in his echo chamber!