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Daphne BlueBird & Manasseh


Roots Garden Records

Released: 6th October 2014 | 2 track reggae single

Singer Daphne BlueBird delivers an emotive and heartfelt rendition of this deep & rootsy 'Lovers Rock' obscurity. Originally recorded by the Love Joys at the infamous 'Bullwackies Studio' in Brooklyn NY, and featured on their 1983 LP Lovers Rock Reggae.

Producer Nick Manasseh reworks the rhythm track in fine style. His contemporary and sophisticated production sound compliment the tracks organic feel and live instrumentation. Cascading delays, sweeping phaser sounds and saturated reverb hits paying homage to the tracks origins, and trademark 'Wackies' sound. Manasseh turns up the the FX to eleven on the heavyweight dubwise version!

Daphne BlueBird Biography:

Daphne BlueBird is a diverse female vocalist and songwriter in London. Her projects include collaborations with DJs and producers of many musical genres. The reggae, dub and dancehall scene is very close to her musical choices and she will always include them in her plans. She is also the lead singer and songwriter of the two-member band AuXdience, with the other member being Crowd Of One aka D. Christopoulos.