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Earl 16 & Manasseh

Gold Dust

Roots Garden Records

Released: 14th July 2014 | 12 track roots reggae album

Legendary Jamaican singer Earl 16 & stalwart UK reggae producer Nick Manasseh have proved

to be an eduring & successful combination, their musical collaborations stretching back over twenty years. previous releases such as 'Natural Roots' & ' Zion City' now widely

regarded as contemporary roots classics.

Conceived as a full length album, this will be the duo's first LP together and can be considered long overdue.

A roll call of talented singers & musicians have been enlisted in bringing the album to life icluding some of reggae's most renown international artists and session players . Featured artists include Vin Gordon (trombone), Michael Pagulatos AKA Praise (viola), MC Brother Culture (vocals), Ras Zacharri (vocals), Valerie Vibes (backing Vocals), Jerry Lyons (bass), Soothsayers horns (trumpet/sax) , Ciyo (acoustic guitar,) Sadu (lead guitar), Crispin Spry (percussion), Adrian McKenzie (piano) and Patrick Augustus (steel pan).

Gold Dust promises to be a landmark release, representing an enduring musical partnership that has

already made a significant mark on the music world, and looks set to continue.

"Gold Dust offers a more contemporary sounding Earl..... Taken as a whole, it's a set of mellow, dubby niceness from start to end."
Angus Taylor,
"track 3 (Love Without feeling) featured as Rodigan's Scorcher of the Week for Two weeks consecutively quote: We absolutely love this at !xtra"
DJ Sir David Rodigan, BBC 1Xtra