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Rude Health - Show Me How to Be a Man

Rude Health

Show Me How to Be a Man

Rude Health Music

Released: 8th December 2017 | 1 track indie pop single

Rude Health is the alias of singer/songwriter, producer and multi-instrumentalist Jesse Wong, Based in North London. The music begins in a makeshift studio hidden in a garden near Alexandra Palace, with Wong initially playing each part - swelling, chorus-heavy guitars, tight basslines and immediate vocals. The lyrics of the first ever Rude Health demo were lines taken directly from a couple arguing outside the bedroom window of his old flat in New Cross.

His debut EP 'Beyond Repair' was released in January 2017, a 4 track consolidation of material that first found life on bedroom floors and now hides stashed away under various aliases. It's lyrics are poetic, sometimes storytelling, and feel as though they are set in some imagined version of London.

Live, Rude Health takes the form of a 5 piece band that bring out the nuanced grooves in the songs, whilst leaving room for the lyricism. Alongside this set up, Wong has been known to appear on stage alone playing adapted versions of his songs more suited to the setting.

Rude Health's sound continues to be sharpened through all night, out-of-hours studio sessions, playing live and taking on board new influences in art and film.